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Why Hemlocks ?

  • Ensuring Your Safety in Tattooing!

At our studio, we prioritize your safety through meticulous hygiene practices. Utilizing sterile needles and ink, our artists wear gloves and carefully wrap any objects that come into contact to prevent cross-contamination. All items touching clients are strictly single-use. The tattoo ink employed is sourced from reputable international manufacturers and professional suppliers. Our ink cups are crafted from non-toxic sterile materials, and we adhere to a policy of never reusing ink once dispensed into the cups. Your well-being is our top priority, and we maintain the highest standards in every aspect of our tattooing process.

  • Pain Assessment Guidelines

The tattooing process involves utilizing sterile needles to puncture the epidermis layer and deposit ink into the dermis, eliciting varying levels of discomfort depending on individual tolerance. Factors influencing pain perception encompass design intricacy, tattoo size, placement, duration of the session, and other considerations. Certain body areas may entail less discomfort comparatively. For those new to tattoos, we provide guidance on optimal tattoo placement, although the ultimate decision remains at your discretion. Our aim is to ensure a personalized and comfortable experience throughout the tattooing journey.

  • Tattoo Permanence

Regrettably, we do not offer tattoo removal services. Our focus is on crafting enduring memories etched in ink that last a lifetime.

  • Cancer Risk Inquiry Regarding Tattoos

The pigments employed in our tattooing procedures originate from globally recognized brands with a longstanding reputation. These pigments undergo rigorous testing on diverse skin types and demographics worldwide. Extensive research affirms their safety and efficacy, with no reported adverse effects over prolonged periods.

While recent studies have suggested potential concerns, associating blackout tattoos (comprising entirely black ink covering limbs or the entire body) with an increased risk of melanoma or sun-related health issues, these observations lack scientific validation. We remain committed to staying informed about emerging research and ensuring the well-being of our clients through the use of reputable and thoroughly tested products.

  • Efficient Booking Process

Your booking experience with us is tailored to accommodate your unique requirements. To optimize time for both the artist and the client, reserving a time slot in advance is highly recommended. While walk-ins are welcome, we advise reaching out to us beforehand, particularly if you are considering same-day appointments or require customized designs. This ensures a smoother and more personalized experience during your visit.

  • Transparent Pricing Structure

Our tattoo pricing is determined by factors such as the size of the tattoo and the specific artist involved. To ensure accuracy and fairness, pricing decisions are exclusively made after a thorough in-person consultation with the client and the finalization of the design. Additionally, we occasionally provide special offers based on specific periods, adding value to your tattoo experience. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our transparent pricing structure aims to provide clarity and fairness in every transaction.

  • Do you provide tattoo removal?

While we don't provide tattoo removal services, we do offer expert tattoo cover-ups. If you're looking to revive an old tattoo or conceal something that no longer resonates with you, opting for a cover-up with a new design is a creative and effective solution. In cases where stubborn work may require additional measures, we may recommend a few sessions of laser removal before executing the cover-up. Our goal is to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and preferences.

  • Post-Tattoo Care Guidance

Upon completion of your tattoo, our artist will provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure the optimal healing and preservation of your new ink. Your well-being and the longevity of your tattoo are our top priorities, and our guidance will cover essential steps for a successful healing process. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out for personalized support.

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